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Runners and platformers have long become ‘disposable’ genres because of their primitive gameplay and unchallenging mechanics. At least, most of them. But Geometry Dash World is nothing like that! While it’s completely tap-based and doesn’t shock you with elaborate 3D graphics, there is something about it that makes you play it for hours non-stop. If you are looking for a draught of fresh air, this game is just what you need! Care to learn a bit more?

Game mechanics

As you launch the first level, you’ll find yourself in a bizarre setting filled with fluorescent colors and geometric shapes. Your character – one of the available geometric figures – starts out ramping through this neon-lit landscape encountering various types of obstacles. Prepare to jump over sharp thorns, leap between platforms and avoid falling into gaps where your life will instantly end. The controls are pretty simple and include tapping on the screen to perform various moves. If you want your character to do a quick jump, simply tap and let go. If you want him to leap at a large distance, hold your finger down for as long as you need to get over.

Just like in any other platformer, you also need to collect bonuses that are scattered around. They can be spent on buying various achievements, including other customizable characters. While you start out as a square, you can further upgrade to a circle, ship, star and other shapes that all move around in their own manner. Learning those differences also makes the game more fun and challenging. Besides, each of the characters has a set of characteristics that can be changed by jumping into one of the portals that you will sometimes see along the way. Some of those portals will simply alter the color of your hero, others will impact more important parameters such as speed or gravity.

Level structure

The most interesting part is that all moves you make are tied in to the soundtrack. Listen to the music carefully and prepare to jump each time you hear a beat. That makes the process of completing a level a bit easier, especially if you just started playing and haven’t figured out how to control your character yet. There are a total of 20 levels most of which are available at once. That means you can play them in any order which is pretty convenient when you get stuck at some level and can’t move forward. Besides, you can also take advantage of a few custom levels designed by the community. All levels range in difficulty from Easy to Demon and each level contains three secret coins that can be exchanged for special perks.

Vault of Secrets and Treasure Room

The latest update issued for Geometry Dash World has also added two hidden areas where you can discover extra bonuses and achievements. Both of them are found in the Tools menu and require you to collect a certain number of Demon keys to pass the Keymaster and enter the locations. The Treasure Room is filled with many chests containing valuable rewards. You can return to this place as often as you want, but each time you’ll need an extra key to gain access to the area. The Vault of Secrets will challenge you with tricky questions and reward you for giving correct answers. These addons make Geometry Dash World even more thrilling to play!