Geometry Dash new


Sometimes life gets too dull and we want to diversify it with a bit of adventure. That’s why games like new Geometry Dash World will never get out of fashion! You’ll find yourself in a colorful virtual setting full of obstacles and surprises. In this bright neon world, you’ll have to control a cute funny hero running across deep forests, mysterious caves and huge mountains. This crazy race from one level to another will give you a great chance to show dexterity of your fingers and develop sharp reflexes as you need to keep tapping the screen on time to steer your character over the precipice, perform a head-spinning jump between platforms and avoid mortal traps. You’ll even be able to alter gravity direction for a safer trip. Along the way, you’ll find a large number of rewards and bonuses that will come in handy during your voyage. Thrilling tasks, customizable characters and of course a fascinating gameplay will keep you glued to the screen!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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