Geometry Dash World Vault is a game that’s hard to stop playing once you launched the first level. This strange mix of colorful neon graphics, cranky geometry and challenging gameplay will really put your reflexes to the test! You’ll take the role of a weird-looking cubic character that makes its way through levels packed with mortal perils and cunning traps. Razor-sharp blades, bottomless abysses, dangerous platforms and hungry monsters are waiting for you to make a false move. To avoid falling into a trap, make sure to tap the screen in the right moment synchronizing your moves with the music beat. Music plays an important part in the process hinting you at the approaching obstacles, so don’t forget to put on your earphones.

The tapping mechanics is also a bit tricky. The distance of your jump depends on how long you are holding it down. Learning to calculate just the right time might be challenging at first, but the more you play the better you’ll get at it. Whenever there is a new type of obstacle introduced, you’ll get a short walkthrough. Don’t ignore that. Being attentive and using the practice mode will make it easier for you to achieve high scores. The number of worlds and levels is constantly increasing. The latest update even added a few secret locations where you can unlock previously unavailable perks. Don’t forget to pick up bonuses along the way and exchange them for various achievements and customizable characters!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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