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We love Geometry Dash World for its bright graphics, bizarre atmosphere and crazy gameplay. But sometimes we want to reach the desired result immediately without making countless attempts to beat the game. If you’ve been running through neon-lit locations long enough and want some reward for your efforts, we’ll tell you how to unlock all the achievements of the Vault of Secrets. Here are all the riddle answers and cheat codes you need to gain access to treasure room, demon keys and much more. Just recently, Geometry Dash World got a sizeable expansion for both iOS and Android. While the game mechanics remained the same, there are new icons, power shards and achievements that you can use to maximize your scores. The most significant additions are the Vault of Secrets and Treasure Rooms – hidden areas where players can unlock special rewards and achievements by solving riddles and collecting keys. This is also how you can access a hidden Challenge level. To do that, you’re gonna need to know secret codes included below.

How to unlock the Treasure Room?

The Treasure Room is unlocked by collecting five demon keys. To find the hidden door to this location, go to the home screen, then to the Tools menu that is located to the right of the play button (you’ll recognize the icon by hammer and wrench on it). There will be a purple door decorated by a skull in the lower right corner. Once you tap on it, you’ll see the Keymaster who will let you in if you have the needed number of keys or send you looking for them. The Treasure Room will be filled with chests. You’ll have to open at least 50 of them before you gain access to the ultimate treasure. To do that, you might need to discover and pull a rope first. Inside the chests, you’ll find different stuff, including orbs and diamonds. Each time you get another demon key, you can get back to the Treasure Room and use it to open another chest.

How to unlock the Vault of Secrets?

The Vault of Secrets is located in the same place as the Treasure Room, only in the upper right corner rather than the lower. There you’ll see a lock which you need to tap. After that, you’ll again meet the Keymaster who will inform you about the requirements for entering and tell you whether you can pass or not.

How to earn demon keys?

Demon keys can be received in exchange for blue orbs collected at various levels of the game. Each demon key costs 500 orbs.

The list of cheat codes

In the Vault of Secrets, you’ll be offered a series of riddles. Answering them correctly will allow you to unlock secret achievements. Here are the clues and the right answers:

  • Secret Code #1: Ultimate Energy
    • CLUE: Oh my head. I feel so drained. Would be nice to get some energy. You know, for my head. Nothing? Ok. You shall not pass!
    • ANSWER: BrainPower (unlocks a new icon)
  • Secret Code #2:  Uber Hacker
    • ANSWER: code3breaker  (be prepared to write down the numbers that will flash on the screen after you enter this code!)
      • Six numbers should flash on the screen. You will need to write them down and then do the following math:
        • Subtract #2 – #1, #3- #2,  #4 – #3, #5 – 4, #6 – #5.
        • Write each of the answers to these subtraction problems down in one long number. That is the next code you enter.
      • For example, if you numbers are: 49, 66, 74, 76, 82, 137, then the code you would end up with is 1782655. There is a video posted below to better explain this.
  • Secret Code #3: Cold As Ice
    • CLUE: So you met with the gatekeeper. I heard he made fun of me. Made fun of “Sparky.” Like he has a better name. What does “Clubfub” mean anyway? I mean. Oh No! I didn’t tell you anything!
    • ANSWER: Clubfub (unlocks a secret)
  • Secret Code #4: Sneaky Sneak
    • ANSWER: Octocube – (unlocks new icon)
  • Secret Code #5: I Can Count
    • CLUE: So, there is a tree. A very short tree. In this tree there lives a witch. A very short witch. The witch stinks of fish. My question to you is this … On a scale from tree to fish, how many shinies do you have?
    • ANSWER: 61 (unlocks new icon)
  • Secret Code #6: Can’t be Fooled
    • CLUE:  I have always been odd. Remove my start and I am even. When you complete this riddle, I hope you are leaving. Can you go now?
    • ANSWER:  Seven (unlocks a new icon)
  • Secret Code #7: Paint Bucket
    • ANSWER: gimmiethecolor (unlocks a new color)
  • Secret Code #8: Burnt Chicken
    • CLUE:  Which came first? The chicken or the egg? The egg, of course. Then the egg laid the chicken and the chicken said “The password is on fire.” I need to get some rest.
    • ANSWER: TheChickenIsOnFire – (unlocks a new Color)
  • Secret Code #9: Want to hear a secret?
    • CLUE: Just don’t tell RubRub. I am building my own level. I call it “The Challenge.” Hope it gets featured but probably not. RubRub will never notice me
    • ANSWER: The Challenge (makes a challenge level becomes visible which costs 200 diamonds to unlock).


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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