World gameplay


If you want to play a game that’s both simple and sophisticated, Geometry Dash World gameplay seems to be just what you’ve been looking for! Its unique universe filled with neon colors, geometric shapes and secret levels will send your head spinning! Your hero is a strangely shaped creature that has to get through multiple levels filled with various kinds of geometry-driven obstacles. Primitive at first, your mission gets ever trickier as you move from one level to another and get the hang of new tricks. The game hinges on music that accompanies all your actions with beats, so you’ll have not only to look at the screen, but also to listen to the soundtrack. Aside from levels added by designers, there is also a limited amount of custom levels made by the community for a more diverse gameplay. Discover the amazing and dangerous Geometry Dash World and try to beat even the most complicated locations!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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